Frequently Asked Questions

Users and accounts

I've forgotten my username/password. Can you please send it to me?

You can reset your password, and a new password will be e-mailed to you. You don't need your username − just your e-mail address.

What happened to the player biographies?

Biographies are still there (renamed Private Biographies), but now you have to log in to see them (private biographies are visible to all logged in users of Some people were worried about biographies appearing on Google searches, and to potential employers.

If you want to have a public profile as well, which anyone can see, you can do that by logging in, and seleting Actions − Edit Public Biography.


How do I edit a match result?

Captains are responsible for uploading results from their teams' matches, and as such only captains are able to edit the results. To do this, go to the match (which can be found in the club page, e.g., in the "Incomplete matches" tab) and click the "v" between the two team names to see the match page. Under the "Actions" tab, you will find the "Edit" option, through which the result of the match can be entered, along with options for matches that have gone to extra time, penalties and those that have been postponed or cancelled. Having done this, the match will now appear in the "Results" tab in the club page. By viewing the match and selecting the "Actions" tab again, you will now see options to edit the team list, goalscorers and bookings. All of this information is collated to produce personal and team statistics and squad lists. All of this can only be performed by team captains, however.

How do I add a match report?

Anyone can put up match reports or news articles (when logged in). Find the match (e.g., click the "Actions" tab, and select "Add news".

Alternatively, go to "News" in the top menu, and at the bottom of the page you should find "Add news". Once you have added the news item, if it is a match report you can link it to the match by adding a tag. Simply view the news article (e.g., and at the bottom there is an "Add tag" button. Start typing in the fixture in the same way it is displayed in the results (i.e. "St Anne's College 2nd 6-2 Wadham College 2nd") and select the displayed option. You can also add links to featured teams, divisions, players etc.

How do I add/edit the match team-sheet?

As with match results, team captains can edit the team sheets. The match must have the result entered first, see "How do I edit a match result?" for how to do this. Once the result is entered, go to the match in question. Under "Actions" there are options to "Edit team list", "Edit goalscorers" (which includes timing, who gave the assist and whether it was a penalty) and "Edit bookings" for each team.

I have tried to edit the team sheet but not all the players who played are listed in the options. How can I add them?

In order to appear in the list of potential players for the team sheet, a player must have an account on and be affiliated with the club in question. If a player is not in the list, first search the site (using the search bar at the top) for the player, remembering to search using a shortened first name or nickname that may be used.

If you find the player on the site (and you are certain it is his profile, not another player of the same name), if he or she is not appearing in the team sheet options it is because they are not affiliated with the club. As captain, you have the ability to edit their affiliation with your club; go to their player profile and in the "Actions" you can add a club affiliation in the "Club affiliations" option. Remember to select the correct club, e.g Hertford Women not Hertford etc! Once the player is correctly affiliated, you can then add them to the team sheet.

Alternatively, if you are certain that the player does not already have an account, you can create one for them. You will need their correct and active email address for this, as they will need to be able to confirm the account should they want to log in. View another player profile, e.g. your own. The bottom option under "Actions" is "Add player". By completing the email, name, sex and college boxes, the player will be added to the list of players to choose from in the team sheet.


How do I upload photos?

Upload your photos to Flickr, and add them to the Oxford University Football group. In order for your photos to appear on the OUAFC website, the visibility under 'Additional info' ... 'Viewing this photo' must be set to 'Public'.

To assign your photo to a particular match/player/news article etc, add a 'machine tag' in Flickr. For example, to tag a photo of St Edmund Hall 1st team (, add the tag ouafc:team_id=58. To tag a photo of Sam Donald (, add the tag ouafc:player_id=1741. After a while, your photos should be visible in the photos tabs of the relevant team, player, club, match, news article etc. For help with this, please contact us.

Only those with admin rights, e.g. team captains, can do this. Captains, go to the club page (e.g. and under "Actions" -> "Edit", there is a "Twitter Account" option. Put in the name of your twitter account (e.g. @SEHAFC) and any tweets will be displayed on your club page.