OUCFF Constitution

The Constitution of the Oxford University College Football Forum 2014/15

1. Aims

1.1 To support football within the University
1.2 To organise inter-collegiate football competitions
1.3 To regulate the rules governing inter-collegiate competitions
1.4 To ensure a safe approach to football within the University
1.5 To promote fair play in all football played within the University
1.6 To oversee the conduct of all clubs and players within the University
1.7 To represent the interests of the College football clubs

2. Membership

2.1 Each affiliated football club for the current season is entitled to elect one team member to OUCFF
2.2 In addition to holders of the following positions shall be granted membership, but shall have no voting rights: OUAFC Sabbatical Officer, OUAFC Competitions Secretaries, Oxford University Referees Association President

3. Affiliated Football Clubs

3.1 Within these rules ‘Affiliated Football Clubs’ shall refer to the amalgamated organisation of all football teams representing a College, department (eg. OXLIP) or several in the case of joint teams, in OUAFC competitions
3.2 Each affiliated Football Club is required to inform the OUAFC Sabbatical Officer of their nominated captain for each affiliated team. The changeover captains should preferably be completed by the end of Trinity Term in advance of the new season
3.3 The team captains shall be responsible for ensuring that their team, and its members, abide by the OUAFC competition rules. A lack of knowledge of the rules shall not be considered and acceptable excuse.
3.4 Each team captain is also responsible for ensuring that their team is affiliated to the FA through OUAFC. The affiliation fee shall be £10 per team, and is due before midnight on the Saturday of 1st week in Michaelmas Term.
3.5 Each affiliated Football Club is required to produce a safety plan for incidents that occur during the course of club activities. This should include an emergency procedure document for each pitch that the club plays home fixtures, on which particular emphasis on ambulance access and the reporting procedure within the college. Each team is strongly encouraged to have at least one individual who is Emergency Aid qualified present at every match.
3.6 Affiliated Football Clubs are requested to ensure that they enter an appropriate number of teams in OUAFC Competitions for the number of footballers in the college.

4. Management

5. Election of Executives


5.1.1 The OUAFC Sabbatical Officer receives a full-time contract for a 10-month period. The final appointment will be made in an interview process that will include the President and Vice-president of OUAFC, the Director of Oxford University Sport, the sitting Sabbatical Officer, and the OUCFF Secretary. Before this process, all candidates will have the chance to hust before the OUCFF, with an indicative secret ballot held to ensure that the views of the forum are represented in the decision-making process.
5.1.2 The OUCFF Secretary shall be elected via a show of hands poll of OUCFF members at the start of the first OUCFF meeting of the academic year, to serve for the duration of that academic year.
5.1.3 The Competitions Secretaries for the next season shall be elected at the OUCFF meeting at the end Hilary Term each year. This will be done by a show-of-hands poll of members, who may only vote for the competitions in which the team they are representing competes.
5.1.4 If only one candidate stands for a position, they much achieve a majority of votes in favour over votes against.
5.1.5 If two or more candidates run, then the one who receives an overall majority of votes cast shall be declared the victor. In no candidate receives an overall majority, a second vote shall be taken between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the first ballot.
5.1.6 There is no requirement for any of the above positions to be filled by current members of the forum, but the appointee shall be made and honorary member for the duration of their term in office.


5.2.1 The OUAFC Sabbatical Officer’s term of employment shall begin at a date arranged with the Director of Sport and OUAFC President after the 30th June following their appointment, and finish ten (10) months later.
5.2.2 The OUCFF Secretary shall take office as soon as the result of the election is announced for the duration of the academic year.
5.2.3 The Competitions Secretaries shall take office from the start of 0th week in Trinity Term following their election, so long as the previous incumbent is satisfied that the previous season has been completed.
5.2.4 There shall be no limit on the term of employment for all executives, providing they win an open election to renew their appointment as described above.

6. Removal of Executives

6.1 An OUCFF Executive may be removed by a vote of no confidence at an OUCFF meeting.
6.2 Any motion of no confidence is treated as a constitutional amendment
6.3 If a motion of no confidence is passed, the subject will be regarded as dismissed with immediate effect
6.4 If a motion of no confidence in the Sabbatical Officer is passed, the OUCFF Secretary shall request the Director of Sport to take immediate appropriate action in line with University employment policies.

7. OUCFF Meetings

7.1 There shall be three fixed OUCFF meetings each season. The first shall be held in 0th week of Michaelmas Term, the second at the end of Michaelmas Term and the third at the end of Hilary Term. Notification of the date and venue of the meeting shall be sent out at least 5 days in advance.
7.2 Further OUCFF meetings may be called at the discretion of the OUAFC Sabbatical Officer or the OUCFF Secretary
7.3 The OUAFC Sabbatical Officer shall also be required call a meeting within two weeks of receipt of a written petition from at least 6 OUCFF members, which must include the specific business that they wish to discuss at the meeting.
7.4 The agenda for all OUCFF meetings shall be distributed to all members at least 48 hours in advance.
7.5 The OUCFF Secretary shall be responsible for registering all OUCFF members on arrival, and for presenting the minutes of the previous OUCFF meeting for approval
7.6 A quorum for any OUCFF meeting shall be 15 voting members, who must be at least 10 different Affiliated Football Clubs
7.7 Any OUCFF member may propose or second motions, but only non-executive members may vote.
7.8 Motions should be emailed to the OUAFC Sabbatical Officer at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting if they are to be included on the agenda. Emergency motions may be proposed during OUCFF meetings themselves.
7.9 Except where otherwise stated, motions shall be settled by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.
7.10 Each affiliated team is required to send a representative to each OUCFF meeting. It is permissible for an individual to represent more than one team at a meeting, with voting rights transferred accordingly.

8. Alteration of the Constitution

8.1 The Constitution may only be altered at an OUCFF meeting
8.2 Proposed alterations to the Constitution must appear as an item on the agenda circulated in advance of the meeting
8.3 Motions to alter the Constitution require a 2:1 majority of those in favour to those against, and an overall majority of those present and eligible to vote