Exeter College Sports Ground

Club: Exeter Men

Two pitches at this ground are used by St Peters and Exeter, Exeter usually use the pitch closest to the pavillion. Due to the water table of the Cherwell being close to the level of the pitches, there is often flooding of these pitches, especially at the end of the ground furthest away from the pavillion.

There have been thefts at this ground in recent years, including one incident of a locker inside the pavillion being forced open. It is highly recommended that only a minimum number of valuables are brought to the ground and these are not left in the chnaging rooms. OUAFC and Exeter College accept no responsibility for articles lost at this or any other ground.


From Marston Road: Turn down Edgeway Road and continue right to the end of the road. Keep going until you see the pavilion.

From North Oxford: Take the path at the end of South Park road and follow it to the end; turn left and continue until you see the pavilion.

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