Valiant univcorns fall short against Somerville

Saturday October 18, 16:13 by Aaron Simons

The UCAFC second team suffered a defeat in their first game of the season. The initial line up looked strong. Debutant Freshers Wong, Wilson, Jha, Andriopolous and Burns stepped straight into the starting XI, keen to impress. Imtiaz was back between the sticks, with second years Simons and Panahy returning to the team. Club stalwarts Morgan and Marshall threw off the shackles of third year to

Univ Firsts Cage the Hildabeast

Saturday October 18, 16:05 by Dave Buckley

A resilient Univ come back from behind twice to hold out for a point against St Hilda’s. Under new management in Captain Dave Buckley, the Univ football revolution began with Cheston, Buckley, Simons and Crossley walking around a lonely changing room wondering why the rest of the team was late to Captain Buckley’s designated 10am arrival time. Eventually Broughton, Graham, Naholy, Morgan, D

Furies fall to Warwick in season opener

Friday October 17, 21:21 by Habiba Daggash

Furies fielded six new additions to the squad for their first match of the season. The match began slowly with both sides being very tentative on the ball and losing possession. The Furies soon settled into a nice rhythm creating some great chances, particularly great balls from Katherine Nicholls and Anna Green to put Habiba Daggash one-on-one with the opponent’s keeper. Unfortunately, the Capt