Colts held at home in 6 goal thriller

Friday February 12, 12:42 by Isaac Virchis

"But can they do it on a rainy night in the Stoke?" This is the perennial question on the lips of every envious football fan when they watch Barcelona or Madrid spank another team by 4 or 5 goals. For the OUAFC colts however the questions seems to be "can they do it on a blustery day in Uni Parks?". Coming off the back of a solid, yet exhausting pre-season where Gaffer Beaumont had drilled his tro

Nottingham proves too fast

Thursday February 11, 21:16 by Zoe Wallace

On a fresh and clear evening in early February, the Blues found themselves standing ready on a far northern pitch, and from the darkness the nebulous Nottingham ladies loomed. Three months after a sore 3-0 home loss to the University of Nottingham it was time for a Week 4 sweet revenge. Or was it? Helen provided a thrilling start, shooting an absolute “banger” (as put by one of the players

ANIMALS punish league-losers Lincoln, but should there have been more?

Thursday February 11, 19:24 by Will Stone

There had been much hype surrounding the ANIMALS forthcoming trip to the Lincoln/jesus college sports ground, also known as The Everglades, The Mire or any other swamp you can think of. I settled on The Dead Marshes, seems fitting as, judging by the quality of the game; this was where football went to die (along with the careers of messrs Cowling, Malaney and Parker, more on that to follow). The h