The Apostrophy - Oxford retains the title.

Mar 6th, 11:03 by Guy Ferguson

Queen's College Oxford 3 - 0 Queens' College Cambridge Queen's College Oxford travelled north-east for their annual tour of the objectively worse city to take part in the Apos-Trophy, an illustrious match dating back to 2014 against the lesser Queens' College, Cambridge. Ex-Queen's JCR President has defected to Queens' for a PhD, and weren't we all so glad to see him? Set pieces had been our

Corpus Challenge

Feb 14th, 17:54 by Joseph Ball

We shoed our Cantabrigian counterparts 4-0 for the 4th year running. Corpus Christi College Oxford Football Club 2 - 0 Corpus Christi College Cambridge Football Club.

'Remember that goal I scored at Craven Cottage...'

Jan 22nd, 22:29 by Laurence Wroe

By John Dinneen 18th Jan 2017. An away day at Birmingham will ask questions of any team. Not only as it is a testing day of football but because they will be asked to fill out extensive and suspiciously similar questionnaire forms for the new year of budding brummy psychologists. In return for their questionnaires the blues would receive video footage of a game everyone would rather just for