Michaelmas Report - Blues 16/17

Yesterday, 20:00 by Laurence Wroe

By Alex Urwin 4pm, March 9th, 2016. The Blues had escaped relegation from BUCS Midlands 1A by the skin of their teeth; the 5-1 thrashing of Loughborough a small tonic on what could have easily become one of OUAFC’s darkest days. Something needed to change. So, out went the deadwood; Mickey knew their was no place for Tsaps and Tozer if his team were to progress. It was time for older heads (a

Cup Victory for the Blues

Wednesday November 30, 13:50 by Caroline Ward

The Blues travelled to Bristol to face the University of West England in their first cup game of the season. Despite the long bus journey and surprisingly short warm up the Blues made a quick and confident start to the game. Some brilliant short play between Caroline Ward and Colleen Lopez in the middle established an early dominance for the Blues and created space for Ellana Slade and Kate Kenn

Blues cut noisy neighbours down to size

Tuesday November 29, 10:24 by Caroline Ward

As the first women's double header for Brooke's Varsity, this was an incredibly special day for OUWAFC. The excitement was high and the number of petty facebook posts higher than anyone could count. Ordered to maintain a dignified silence, OUWAFC were determined to leave their opposition speechless, with their on-field game. A strong starting lineup, of the team that snatched a cup victory on W