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Blues take down gobby rivals

Today, 07:44 by Caroline Ward

After a couple of too eager and too early arrivals, the Blues made it to the correct venue. Having steamed up A46 thanks to Becca May (Hey hey Becca May Hey hey Becca May), without

The Perfect Comeback

Tuesday January 17, 19:36 by Sam Broadey

By James Brown With less than a twelve hour turn around from their 6-1 victory on Monday, the Centaurs arrived at Tor Vergata tired, but keen to carry on right where they had le

Centaurs hit 6 with a malfunctioning midfield

Tuesday January 17, 19:30 by Sam Broadey

By James Worthington It was a bitterly cold night (again) on the outskirts of Rome. A train journey needed to reach the grounds of Universita Cattolica Roma allowed the team to