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It was Joe's Day

Friday February 05, 19:43 by Sam Broadey

It was a special day for HCAFC with legendary alumni Norman Perrin sat on the sideline watching the boys. Perrin featured in Hertford's unbeaten 1950/51 team, trouncing Keble in a

Leaders Warwick smashed by Centaurs

Thursday February 04, 17:42 by Joe Fowles

After a successful pre-term tour to Amsterdam, one question remained unanswered; could the Centaurs do it on a windy Wednesday afternoon in Coventry? An utterly dominant 3-1 victor

Furies defeat BCU 7-0!

Thursday February 04, 16:35 by Zoe Wallace

On Wednesday of second week, the Furies delivered one of their best performances of the season, defiantly beating BCU a very decisive 7-0. As the first match of Hilary term, the te