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OUWAFC Heading to Barcelona

Aug 12th, 17:39 by Becca May

In two weeks’ time, a group from OUWAFC will be on their way to Barcelona for the club’s second annual tour. After the success of last year’s foray to Madrid, everyone involv

Willems and May both score two in epic thriller

Aug 2nd, 19:11 by Matt Smith

Team Willems David Windmill Dan Brown (Cian Wade) Dylan Millner-Stopps Laurence Wroe (Alex Tsaptsinos) Adriaan Hilbers Tom Brown (Tim Willems) Alex Biggs Dan Hirons R

Calling all incoming female freshers!

Jul 16th, 17:54 by Anna Green

If you are already attending Oxford (or about to join the University) and you are interested in playing football then we'd love to hear from you! Unfortunately, we are experiencing