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Kitlocker to meet with clubs

Monday September 15, 13:44 by Kimberly Cowan

Kitlocker will be in Oxford for the entirety of freshers week, and are hoping to meet with as many club committees as possible on Tuesday 7th October and Wednesday 8th October. The

OUWAFC tour Madrid

Sep 12th, 21:57 by Anna Green

A squad of 19 players will travel to Madrid next week to represent OUWAFC in the club's first tour in 8 years. The preseason tour sees a selection of players from both of the women

Restructure to create Balance

Sep 4th, 15:39 by Kimberly Cowan

A restructure to the JCR Reserves league was agreed by the captains in order to balance out and create a uniform table and structure between the divisions. There will now be 9 team