BREAKING NEWS: Betting Scandal Throws JCR Reserve 4th League into Crisis

Nov 13th 2011, 17:54 by Ollie Waring

It has recently been revealed that an alleged betting scandal was the reason behind St. Anne's 3rds shocking 8-0 loss to Queen's 3rds earlier today, and had absolutely nothing to do with Queen's destroying Anne's in every part of the park.

An undercover reporter for News of the Thames Valley was at the match, and managed to overhear a dubious sounding conversation between some of the Anne's faithful and a group of homeless people who were watching the game.

One homeless man suggested a bet on the total number of goals scored - it was allegedly agreed that the 3rds would have to buy a year's subscription to Big Issue magazine unless the totalled number was a perfect cube.

Although it initially seemed that they were going for 27, Anne's expertly leaked 8 goals, winning their bet but throwing the match, and quite possibly the league, into disrepute. It is feared that the level of corruption lies much deeper, and that this incident only touches on the surface of what could turn into a University-wide crisis.

More information to follow.